f00 Brewery Kegging

As I mentioned previosly, Missy and I have started brewing our own beer.  We are starting to produce some respectable ales and are cranking out many diverse batches.

Last weekend we kicked it up to the next level and purchased an Oster 5cubic foot fridge, 4 corny kegs and all the CO2 gear to keg our brews.

Its amazing to be able to skip the botteling step and have draft beer on tap in my ‘man cave’.

Bottling involves de-labeling and sanitizing 52 12oz beer bottles, cooking a batch of ‘priming sugar’, sticking the beer in the bottles and capping them.  Then you wait at least 2 weeks for ‘bottle conditioning’ and you drink.

With kegging you transfer from your secondary fermentation vessel to the keg, pressurize it, roll it around a bit and wait a few hours.  You are drinking your beer in less than a day as opposed to two weeks.

I will post pictures and tutorials for the kegging project once its finished.