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New layout

My friend, Andrew, will be assisting me with the new design and layout.  He was my partner in crime in the creation of metaguard, membrane and metazoa.

He said that he will begin work on during the Thanksgiving break.  Although it just occurred to me that he lives in Canada.  I didn’t realize that people from Canadia [sic] celebrated Thanksgiving. 🙂

Sick and tired of being sick and tired

Bah, I.m sick again.  I keep getting these awful freaken dizzy spells.  They make it hard to concentrate on anything.  So I find myself paying upwards of $100 to visit the Dr. tomorrow to figure out what my problem is.
The whole thing really pisses me off.  I got a job about 9 months ago at SiteObjects and received a contract, signed by my employer, stating that I will have medical insurance after 3 months of employment.  I was REALY looking forward to this because I could get these dizzy spells taken care of as well as my wisdom teeth.

So after 9months of employment I get laid off and never saw insurance one.  That.s 6 months that my employer was contractually obligated to provide insurance and never did.  Now I.m unemployed and paying for it all myself with my unemployment money.

Let this be a lesson to you… research potential employers.  Its not fun to be taken advantage of.

On another note& Metazoa is coming along nicely.  The details that everyone wanted?  It.s a Content Management System secured to the teeth.  Its compliant with many security standards right out of the box (HIPPA, NSA DITSCAP and many others).  I have never seen a CMS that is as full featured as the one that war.c and I have created.  It.s in early alpha right now and should be available in beta very soon.  Look for all of my sites to be switching to it in the near future.


I have been planning on setting up a NOC (Network Operations Center) in my home office for a wile now… but this article pushed my desire over the top.  I don 't plan on following it to a tee as I have better software than a couple of his refferences… but you get the idea.

I will post pics when its done. 🙂

Guardian Linux

Guardian Linux is realy starting to shape up. I have a development server that I am building it on right now. The foundation exists and is stable, I am now simply writing a bunch of custom tools and wrappers and tweaking the functionality to match that of OpenBSD.
Prepare for proactivley secure linux! 🙂

Feds may turn to bounty hunters to catch spammers

I just read an article that states the Federal Trade Commision is currently involved in a 9 month evaluation of a system that allows for “bounty hunters” to track down spammers and receive 20% of the fines they have to pay if a conviction is achieved.

This to me sounds like the best way to get kill all spam.  Its a hard process to track a spammer down but no one has ever been motivated enough, IMO.  What do you get out of it?  Nothing.  The authorities who you report the spammer to (even with all the homework you did tracking them down) doesnt even get you a “we got the guy, thanks for your help”, it gets you a “We will investigate” and than you never hear back again.  The same goes for hackers.  You will never hear back from an ISP, or Law Enforcement on what they did with the info you suplied.

I feel as if all ruleing orginizations in this country have completly abondoned the people they serve and are all about serving themselvs now.

Im jaded and cynical, but I got that way for a reason.


Heh, I 'm still working on my own linux distro.  Its going nicely, however… I found an alternative to making my own control panel for hosting.  I find a product that I can finaly put my stamp of aproval on.

Very nice product based on PHP/MySQL.  From all of my initial security audits on the demo they have up… its tight.  Its interface is great and it just works.  This is FAR more than I can say about cPanel.

I 'm wondering if something similar may happen with linux.  Maybe I just havnt found a distro I like yet. (shrug).  Out of all of the current distros my favorites are Debian, Gentoo-Hardened and Suse.  But none of them seem to fit my needs exactly; so Guardian Linux will continue as planned.


I was watching the wings game tonight and thinking “man it would be cool to play hockey”.  But that will never happen with me. reason: I can 't scate.  But then I got to thinking…. you could probably use the stick for stabilization.  If you start to fall just put all of your upper body weight onto the stick and spread your legs… you tri-pod and can 't fall.

Maybe I just had to much wine. 🙂


Last night Gryphn and I spent a long time setting up an OS on her new server.  We attempted a bunch of different ones failing to get the Perc3 to work with a few of the distros.  I finaly downloaded the Suse FTP Boot Iso from and installed it.  Its a very well developed, solid, easy and stable OS.  It reminded me alot of a less buggy redhat.  I sware I saw some SELinux bits as well as chroot stuff.  I guess (according to the suse site) that they have a pretty good firewalling system.  I have yet to play with it. 

I 'll let everyone know how it goes.