I Made an Exoskeleton for My Fan

This is going to be the strangest question that was ever used to start an article: Have you ever blown your nose after having worked in the shop all day? It’s gross, isn’t it? All that sawdust floating around air-bourne! That tissue just contains the stuff that your nose was able to filter. The rest […]

Cryptocurrency Investment for a Babe in the Woods

I had been listening to my co-workers talk about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for a while.  Being that it’s the preferred payment method of the underground (i.e.darkweb, ransomware and so on) — and it’s my job as incident response manager to understand that sort of thing — I decided to give it a try. In […]

Surviving a 20000+ node botnet Attack

My web server has been under attack since early this month.  This is a dedicated server that I have leased for years.  It only hosts a couple of sites for me, my family and a few select friends.  Nothing of any real importance or sensitivity exists on it.  Why this insignificant little server attracted the […]