My body is a freaken temple!

I have abused my body long enough. I am in the wort shape of my life right now. Its awful.

I plan on starting to eat right and do Martial arts again. Here is my plan.

  • Eat a healthy breakfast
  • drink 1/2 gallon of water per day
  • eat a power bar for lunch
  • eat a healthy dinner
  • only snack on fruits n ‘ veggies
  • martial arts 3+ times per week

Hopefully that should put me back in shape again.. any shape besides “round”. 🙂

Spinning Pain

Great, I feal another inner ear infection coming on. They have tell tail signs. All of a sudden everything zooming out of focus (almost like a camera pan) and zooming back into focus real quick. Makes it almost impossible to drive. I -HATE- inner ear infections. I hate not fealing in control and walking into stuff.

On top of that my wisdom teath are hurting the hell out of me again. I ‘m just all whiney today; ignore me. 🙂

Monday Morning

Ugh, something about Monday mornings make me want to crawl back into bed. My eyes arent all the way open and my brains on switch is rusted into “off”.

The coffee always helps. Gotta go make some.

I donn ‘t feel like turning the work cam on just yet so you can all enjoy the soothing images of the internet lava lamp. 🙂

Wombat Flavored Lemonaid

I think I ‘m leaning twords FreeBSD as my new distro of choice. I know, its not Linux, but its stable, supported, secure, easy to use and install and fun. I got ColdFusion5 to work on it the other day by tweaking the hell out of the /opt/coldfusion/bin/start script. I have some semaphore issues in the registry to fix now. Not sure whats up with that. I still plan on installing a Debian box and seeing if that goes any better. I havent realy used Debian all that much because the install turned me off big time. The software package selection part takes too freaken long.

This weekend (I refer to the rest of today as ‘this weekend ‘) I will be working on making the PHP class file for our product at work. Its almost done only I have a few problems to work out trying to get vars from a function. Weird stuff.
I realized the other day that all I have been talking about in my blog in techie stuff so I ‘m going to try and start talking more about other stuff.

I plan on getting a new cell phone tomorrow (or today). WaHoo! Pics will follow.

Speaking of pics.. I should update my home cam. I havnt touched it since before Halloween.

RedHat – No more free-ness

So RedHat acounced that it will no longer provide a free version of its OS as of April of 2004. RedHat was always an easy default choice of distros because CF works on it, cPanel works on it and it has the most supported software for it.

Now I am stuck finding another default distrobution to switch everything over to. What I am wondering is “what will all of the datacenters and hosts do?”
I ‘m going to try and get ColdFusion to work on FreeBSD. If I can pull that off it will be my new choice, if not.. I may go for Debian. (shrug)

Still Alive

Yup, I ‘m still hanging on. Whats new you ask? I got an X-Box! It is the single best investment anyone can make. I have never played such a cool video game system in my life and I started back in the Atari 2600 era.

I am leaving my work cam going 24/7 now. When I ‘m not in (or don ‘t feel like being looked at) I tilt it tawords my lavalamp and BOOM its the lava lamp cam!

Some of you may remember me gripeing about Trustix a few weeks ago. Welp, they are no more. Now they are TSL (Tawie Systems Linux). I guess I will wait for them to setttle in and test it again. Cause it sure would be nice to have a linux distro thats as tight and solid as OpenBSD.

iTunes for Windows!

“According to this article published earlier this morning, Apple has planned an event for next Thursday to formally introduce their iTunes player and online music store for the Windows platform.”

Words can not describe how happy this makes me. I used to have a TiBook G4. It was a kicken laptop but it was getting old and I couldnt afford to get a new one. So I ebayed it. Now I plan on getting a PC laptop (eventualy) and the fact that I can use iTunes on it makes me all happy. 🙂


I rigged up a spare webcam so that I will be online all day wile I am at work.

It may not exciting to watch but at least it will be updated more than once per month. 🙂

Some people emailed me asking about the sepcific bugs found in Trustix. Welp…

Wile wgeting and rsyncing it seemed to freeze. I was able to do other stuff with the shell but all networking stopped. It looks like it crashed the network stack.

One time I logged into it and everything was in caps. Everything I typed as well as the prompt. Caps lock and bashing the shift keys did nothing. It was stuck like that. I had to power cycle the whole damn thing to get back into a mode that the shell would recognize commands.

All this within about 30 minutes of testing.

That was enough for me. 🙂


For a wile I have been planning on writing a “Trustix Vs. OpenBSD security” article for a few security portals.

I finaly got around to starting it this weekend by installing Trustix on a test box.

I must now say that I am calling off the article. Trustix may or may not be secure. I didnt get that far. It is honestly one of the most buggy Operating Systems I have had the displesure of working with in recent years.

It can be as secure as it wants. If its unusable it doesnt matter. 🙂

Seriosly though, It looks like a striped down redhat 7.3 down to the pre X redhat installer. They chucked in a couple different packages (The OpenBSD ftpdaemon, snort and a few others) hacked some of the daemons to tighten them up a bit and called it good.

Thanks but I ‘ll stick with OpenBSD when mission critical security is at stake.