Avas Me Mateys!

I watched Pirates of the Caribbean last night again. Good flippen movie! 🙂

Yarr, The thanksgivin stuff be done with. I went to my mom ‘s house and my fiancies mom ‘s house on two seperate days to chow. All and all I would say it was a good holiday.

I hate all the travel to relatives that are involved with holidays. I wish we could get both sides of the family together (me and my girlfriends) and have one big shindig… but no… I have to go to two separate holiday gatherings per family… That totals (at least) four different places EVERY holiday. Don ‘t get me wrong. I love spending time with family… but four different trips?! Cumon! 🙂

I realized after looking at my girlfriends stats that putting an MP3 song of the day on your site is an awesome way to pull in search engine traffic. I ‘m probably going to write some sort of overly complex MP3 serving mechanism because .. well.. it wouldnt be me if I didn’t. 🙂
My Christmas list is in the post below this one. Check it out! 🙂

a weekend o ‘ phun(k)

My buddy swung by and will be crashing at my place for a few nights. We started work on a kick ass topsecret project. More info will be available on that in a few months when its finished… No, its not a soap box racer! 🙂

I ‘m getting out of work early today to go to Nic ‘s place with a gagle of other friends including Star.

For the first time since I started this new job I ‘m honestly glad to be getting away from it. Have I mentioned lately that I hate asp? 🙂

The book I have on it (that I am using as a constant reference) has small photos of the developers that contributed to it on the cover. I have now associated my hatred for asp with them. I especially hate one of them in particular. Because no names are given in the book to associate with the photos I have named him “Steve Dave” and he pisses me off to no end

tech stuff

I have failed in my attempt to make CF5 work on FreeBSD. I may end up going with Debian now. Just have to wait and see what my girlfriend decides to go with. Its nice to use the same OS. It makes evening conversations easier. 🙂

I have also decided that ASP is a flipen worthless programing language. I have no use for it. Its windows based, MS wrote it, its a pain to code in (compared PHP, CF and so forth) and after downloading about 20 applications today to find examples I have determined that not a single ASP developer cares about clean code. Hell, one was all opening and closing asp tags to switch between HTML and code. Apparently Response.Write is not in his ASP vocabulary.

More from me later.

Pop ups are the anti-christ

Here I am at 7:45am on a Saturday. What the hell am I doing awake?!

Anyway, I wrote the comments thing so people better start leaving them or I ‘ll have to burn down the building.

because I don’t have much to talk about I went out to find some links to post. In doing that I found myself almost literally jumping up and down with anger at pop up ads. I think these are the bane of a pleasant browsing experience. Pop behinds are just as annoying as I am a neat freak when it comes to my task bar/dock/program warf (depending on the os/shell/windows manager).

Popup blockers are good but some times they block stuff you would like to view and yada yada yada.


Microsoft says free software is dying?!

I was reading an article on ZDNet UK in which Micro$oft is claiming the recent decision by redhat to stop supporting its free os is the end of free software.

Bradley Tipp, Microsoft ‘s UK national systems engineer says “We haven ‘t talked to a single user who has said they ‘re using [open source] because it ‘s better.”

They aparently didn ‘t ask, “do you find it better” or “why do you use”. Because it certainly is: More configurable, more widely used in a server environment, FAR more stable, free, faster, able to handle abour 4X the load… who the hell are they trying to kid? Do they assume there customers know nothing of free software?!

Another Microsoft employee was quoted as saying “At least if Linux takes off, their viruses will propagate and we won ‘t be seen as the bad guys any more.”

Lets take this part here… “if Linux takes off…
WTF are they thinking?! According to netcraft 64.61% of the web servers on the net are using Apache and 23.46 are using IIS.

Now when pulling up those numbers I found an interesting quote to support my argument.

“During 2001 and the first half of 2002 several companies hosting very large numbers of hostnames including Webjump, Namezero, Homestead, register.com and Network Solutions migrated to Microsoft-IIS. Subsequently these businesses have either failed, significantly changed their business model, or reverted to their previous platform, and Microsoft-IIS share is now in line with its long term pre-summer 2001 level of around 20%.”

Bah… I ‘v had enough of those schmucks.