Conn. Teacher Cleared of Felony Endangerment in Pop-Up Case

The case against Connecticut substitute teacher Julie Amero has finally come to a close.  Prosecutors dropped the felony charges against her, but the agreement called for a guilty plea to a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct and surrender of her state teaching credential. Amero had previously been convicted of endangering minors and faced 40 years […]

SSH on a Non Standard Port

I recently posted a comment on in response to other comments condeming the author for suggesting moving ssh to a port besides 22 was “security through obscurity” and a worthless security measure. I have argued this topic many times with many different people and felt that comment bears repeating for my audience. — […]

Vista makes CNET’s “Top Ten Terrible Tech Products”

For those of you wondering why I havent beaten up Vista yet… I have. I ran it from mid-beta to early-release and had a very well written and thought out evaluation of its security and usability features. It was quite negative. I wrote the entire article in notepad on my Vista machine. One day I […]

Microsoft offers Apple security advice?

Fresh after the article from security firm Sophos entitled “Sophos recommends Macs for security“, A member of Microsoft’s security team blasts Apple for not having a “security czar” and not communicating with users about security vulnerabilities. By contrast, he points to Microsoft as a prime example of how to respond to threats, providing well-documented communications […]

Lenovo Banned by U.S. State Department

In one of the least thought out and dumbest moves made by our government in recent weeks… Assistant Secretary of State Richard Griffin said the department would alter its procurement process to ebsure no Lenovo PC’s are allowed inside secured U.S. networks. This is dumb for a number of reasons. 1. Any software backdoor and […]