Acronyms will be the death of me.

You can use NSM (Netscreen Security Manager) to manager your Netscreen firewalls. You can use <a onclick="javascript:pageTracker._trackPageview('/outgoing/');" href="http://www generic” target=”_blank”>OpenNMS to monitor your servers. You can use NSM (Network Security Monitoring) to monitor your network. From now on you’re Bob, you’re Fred and you’re Julio… I hope you all can play nice together. Share […]

The 10 Most Hilarious Terms in Information Security

1. Salami attack What’s it mean? A salami attack is a series of minor data-security attacks that together results in a larger attack. For example, a fraud activity in a bank where an employee steals a small amount of funds from several accounts, can be considered a salami attack. (source: wikipedia) Why is it so […]