Chinese Hard Drive Manufacturer Embeds Trojan

“Around 1,800 of the portable Maxtor hard discs, produced in Thailand, carried two Trojan horse viruses: autorun.inf and ghost.pif, the bureau under the Ministry of Justice said.” “The affected hard discs are Maxtor Basics 500G discs.” “The bureau said that hard discs with such a large capacity are usually used by government agencies to store […]

Mac OS X Trojan in the Wild

There are reports of an in-the-wild Trojan horse program that targets Mac OS X systems.  Users are encouraged to visit malware-serving sites through spam messages in Mac forums.  The Trojan, which pretends to be a QuickTime plug-in, can hijack users’ search results, sending them to websites the attackers want them to visit. This […]

Why do we need to waste so much energy with those air conditioners in the server room?!

Wow, just wow. Apparently a state (who’s name was changed to protect the stupid) did’nt have controls in place that would prevent a single well intentioned but misguided person from shutting off the air conditioners in the data center to preserve power. Read the horrible and tragically funny story here. 

Juniper NetScreen Policy Configuration Cheat Sheet

I use a lot of NetScreens at work and found myself sprawling notes containing syntax of different commands for the ScreenOS CLI (Command Line Interface). Being the OCD type of person I am, I decided I needed something more zazzy… yes, more zaz. So here is the pdf and original graffle of my NetScreen policy […]