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Updates n ‘ stuff

My new gig at SiteObjects is a blast! Its pretty much what I have been doing for Sigil this whole time only now I ‘m getting paid a regular, decent amount for it. 🙂

I have finaly made CFMX work on linux. For those of you who have tride and are still running CF5 here is what you have to do…

1. Remove CF5 wile backing up all of your dsn ‘s and stuff.
2. Install CFMX
3. Pretend you dont care that it doesnt work.
4. Install the CFMX 6.1 Upgrade.
5. Jump up and down because CFMX finaly works on linux.

Aside from that not much is up cept for the fact that I am sick as dog.

Every year at about this time I get the exact same illness. My throte is all tore up, I cough, my nose is plugged and my ears close up. This is only my second week at my new job and I had to stay home sick today in hope of getting better. Man it sucks.

a weekend o ‘ phun(k)

My buddy swung by and will be crashing at my place for a few nights. We started work on a kick ass topsecret project. More info will be available on that in a few months when its finished… No, its not a soap box racer! 🙂

I ‘m getting out of work early today to go to Nic ‘s place with a gagle of other friends including Star.

For the first time since I started this new job I ‘m honestly glad to be getting away from it. Have I mentioned lately that I hate asp? 🙂

The book I have on it (that I am using as a constant reference) has small photos of the developers that contributed to it on the cover. I have now associated my hatred for asp with them. I especially hate one of them in particular. Because no names are given in the book to associate with the photos I have named him “Steve Dave” and he pisses me off to no end


[00:10] Things are good. I ‘m just free thought codeing
[00:10] I just wrote 200 lines of code in like 30 minutes without stoping to think.
[00:10] I was in a freeken zone. 🙂

So beside being up late and writing an email retriver and dealer with robot (dont ask) I am working and relaxing. Not much more need be said about that.

I got paid for the first time today from my new job. Its been a wile since I had a steady pay check. I can ‘t resist and ebay.

I ‘m weak.

My life in my pocket

I am in love with the concept of the Removable Storage USB Keychain (or Pen) Drives.

I have a 64 meg one right now that I do all kinds of wacky stuff on.

I export reg files that have all of my program prefferences and drive mappings and keep on the keychain.

I have this KICK ASS program installed to the drive called Password Manager XP. Its a realy good password management database. You can high light a record and hit a button to transfer the pw to the clipboard or you view it.

It stores the pw database encrypted with about 6 different algorythms all at one time. Including 3DES, Blowfish and RSA. Its only $18 so I bought it.

I also just put in an order for a 256meg keychain drive. Time to upgrade.