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I realized I have let this site sit postless longer than I like, so I figured I would throw out some quick ‘life related’ information wile I am working on some future articles.

I received word that my tumor/cyst was NOT cancerous and my mouth is healing nicely. Thanks to everyone who wished me well.

After five years of being engaged, Missy (aka Gryphn) and I have finaly set a wedding date. We are hoping to have a very small shindig so don’t feel slighted if you are not invited. 🙂

In a future blog look for the following topics.

  • Windows Vista, a Security Analisys
  • Security Basic Training: Business Continuity
  • Security Basic Training: Windows Forensics and Incident Response
  • Top X OS X Penetration Testing (Hacking) Tools

Oh ya, and I am in the process of tweaking this new layout. How it looks as of this post is not how it will look when I am finished. Also look for updates to all of my static pages and all of the software I have written available for download.

This Just In: Wisdom doesn’t grow in teeth!

Before Xrays of my Wisdom teethI had my surgery last Thursday. I was prepared for the worst and was hoping for the best. My surgeon had prepared me for the “50% chance that your jaw will break during the procedure”.

Luckily everything went fine. He said by looking at the cyst that it didn’t look cancerous. We will know for certain around Thursday when the biopsy results are in.

The cyst side of my mouth doesn’t hurt at all, the side that was on the nerve hurts like a dickens. I have stitches sticking out the side of my mouth and am taking antibiotics 4 times per day like clock work (I have to wake up in the middle of the night for one of the doses). I am also on extra strength vicadin, which I don’t particularly care for. It kills the pain, but I get a queasy feeling in my stomach and feel distant. It’s especially not fun wile at work.

Above you can click on the 2nd set of x-rays I received. They should give you an idea of how crappy my teeth where.

It is unwise to prolonge wisdom tooth extraction

I had a visit to the oral surgeon today. I fully expected to hear that I had to have all four wisdom teeth removed (the bottom two are horizontally impacted), I didn’t expect the news I left with.

I was referred from the oral surgeon to a Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon. I was told that my right bottom wisdom tooth is on the nerve and that extraction may result in temporary to permanent numbness of my tongue, chin and right side of my face and that my left wisdom tooth has a cyst (or tumor) on the bone.

The oral surgeon wants a biopsy to be run to determine if the cyst <a onclick="javascript:pageTracker._trackPageview('/outgoing/');" target="_blank" title="wikipedia: cancer" href="http://en.wikipedia look at”>cancerous. In any case she says that the extraction will be too complex to be performed in the oral surgeon office and wants it done in a hospital environment.

All and all I am very uneasy and nervous about the whole thing. Best case I have two horizontally impacted wisdom teeth removed in a hospital and my headaches go away. Worst case I have no feeling in my chin, tongue and/or face and a cancerous tumor.

Not at all how I hoped this wisdom tooth thing would play out.. but.. umm… at least they will be gone?