I am a firm believer in David Allen’s GTD (or Getting Things Done) and have been searching for a nice and easy to use task tracking system. I am also a huge fan of all things gui-less so naturally I started coding series of scripts for the purpose and GeekTool to display todo’s on my desktop.

Initialy it was nothing more the following line added to my .bash_profile

alias todo=’echo $1 >> ~/todo.txt’

But before long I found myself wanting to write a ‘’ script to remove items. At that point I realized I had to implement a numbering system, use copious amount of awk and sed and spend far more time than I cared to on the project.

At some point I recall briefly reading about something similar on digg. A quick google search lead me to

What a system this is! Combined with GeekTool I have an excellent way of staying organized.

Rather than explaining how it works I embedded an example video for you.

Now all I have to do is implement a system that uses DUE:MM/DD and a cron’ed script to alert me via growl when something is due. Ahhh, if only I had some free time. 🙂


I have migrated my site to wordpress. Blogg technology has moved on but the neBlog software that Drew and I wrote hasn’t. Neither he nor I have the time to hack away at it so I am moving on.

I am also in the process of moving away from coldfusion and into php. I feel that PHP has far more quality open source applications and I’m tired of writing everything as I need it. I don’t have time for the… “I need a blog, better get writing” …stuff anymore.

XSS at its most viral

I was just informed of an interesting string on the webappsec list serve talking about a xss virus.

Now this is a new concept… viral code attached to a cross site scripting attack, and because it was used on such a hi profile community site it seems to have gotten a bit of attention. Read this link for more info.

I ‘m back!

Whats up people?! Wow its been a long time since I have posted to this site. I just looked at the logs and see that a TON of people are visiting for some reason; so I ‘m going to start posting all regular and stuff.

Man, a lot has happened since my last posts. I got a new gig as a linux administrator at an awesome local data center. The people I work with are amazingly cool, the environment is WAY laid back and the work is kinda fun.

My company, GuardianLogic, Inc. is doing some amazing stuff. I almost have metaguard (our login mechanism) ready to start selling. I have received a few emails asking about it already and the slowly growing traffic to the site is encouraging.

I just got published! ColdFusion Security Best Practices just ran in this months issue of ColdFusion Developers Journal. I have a few follow up articles that will be released on different cf news sites as well as a maillist and rss feed on ColdFusion and web application security. Check out for that (in a couple weeks).


[00:10] Things are good. I ‘m just free thought codeing
[00:10] I just wrote 200 lines of code in like 30 minutes without stoping to think.
[00:10] I was in a freeken zone. 🙂

So beside being up late and writing an email retriver and dealer with robot (dont ask) I am working and relaxing. Not much more need be said about that.

I got paid for the first time today from my new job. Its been a wile since I had a steady pay check. I can ‘t resist and ebay.

I ‘m weak.