Unbiased Corona Virus (COVID-19) Resources

Some of my observations have compelled me to make this post. The bottom line is that the American media is failing us on COVID-19 coverage because it can’t get past partisanship.

The right-wing media is trying to tell you that it’s all been blown out of proportion and there is nothing to worry. The left-wing media is fixated on how severely Trump has failed/is failing at his handling of this pandemic. Neither is helpful.

The solution is to arm yourself with as much information as you can and form your own opinions.

I created a bookmark folder called COVID-19 and stuck these links in it. Now I just right-click -> open all in new tabs and read all of the sources.

These are some of the better links.

Real Resources:
https://www.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html… (Johns Hopkins Multi-Source map)
https://www.who.int/…/novel-coronavirus-…/situation-reports/ (W.H.O SITREPs)

National Mainstream Media:
These are biased, but if you remember that when consuming their news you should be okay. Don’t just read the sources with views that politically align with yours. It’s important to know how others are thinking about this to better understand their behavior and prepare yourself.


Be sure to bookmark your state’s web site as well as local government and local channels news.

COVID-19, The Begining.

Total Confirmed: 181,994
Total Deaths: 7,146
Total Recovered: 78,998
Dow Jones: 20,188.52 −2,997.10 (12.93%)
NASDAQ: 6,904.59 −970.28 (12.32%)

Looking back at last Friday.  It seems so long ago but it was really only three days ago.  I was out taking a certification exam and dined at a local restaurant for lunch.  Things were quiet, but not overly so.  I kind of saw things coming, so I stopped off at Fortress Comics and purchased a few board games.

Things had just started getting out at that point.  The first infections in Michigan were reported.  And one, only miles away, in East Lansing.  A woman who caught it on a cruise ship, according to the news.

The cruise ships were insane!  The World Health Organization released data on how many infections and fatalities by country and listed the cruise ships as well.  Among the countries. 

I get the feeling that the people in the federal government with smarts are trying to walk a tight rope of keeping people safe vs. not infringing on each state writes to govern itself.  As such, at this stage, the federal government is only making mandates if they are absolutely necessary.  It’s not worth the noise the states will make otherwise. 

So, as of this morning in Michigan, they had limited gatherings to more than 50 people. 

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