So Much has Happened in InfoSec

It’s really incredible to revisit this blog and see how much has happened since my last post in 2014.  We have had IOT and SCADA pop out as a gigantic attack surface.  Things that once seemed like movie plot threats are now common place.  We have had the data of essentially every American ever leaked in breaches of Yahoo, OPM, Equifax and tons more.  The advent of crypto currency is making it easier than ever for entire underground markets to live and die.

What’s more amazing (or worrying) is the introduction of real life cyberwarfare and political manipulation through hacking.  Everything we depend on lives on the internet in one way or another.  It only makes sense that targets once thought to be off-limits are now fair game.

It’s safe to say that the stakes have never been higher.  Fortunately, it’s finally getting the media and political attention it deserves.  It took a lot of painful “toldja so” moments to get here, but we made it.  Now, as infosec professionals, we need to know how to capitalize on this attention and make the most of it.  Our industry had bread some great thinkers and communicators who know how to communicate the appropriate messages to the proper audiences.  We just need to hope these audiences are listening.