Dark Horse Stout (Batch 7)

Dark Horse 7I have been working on ‘the perfect stout’ for a long time.  In fact one of the first batches I ever brewed was a stout.

A while back I create “The Stout Experiment” in an effort to try multiple additions in a single batch.  Oddly enough the control (without any additions) ended up being the best.

I have since done three other bathes (including this one) that has tweaked the recipe slightly each time, based on my tasting notes.

Appearance: Dark, no light gets through. Tan (khaki) head with tight bubbles. Alcohol clings to the side of the glass with lacing from the head.
Mouthfeel: silky smooth, but not thick or heavy. The rolled oats contributed to this.
Flavor: Sweet Carmel at first gives way to burnt coffee, dark chocolate and a hint of grapefruit from the cascade hops.
Aroma: Carmel and noble hops.

All in all it’s the best stout I have ever had but I can identify at least two or three places that show room for improvement.

Next batch I think I will add more roasted barley to turn up that burnt coffee flavor a little and possibly change the aroma hop.


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