Superior Australian Lager Yeast

I used “Superior” brand Australian Lager yeast for the first time on a black lager. I was able to find very little information on it online so I pretty much threw caution to the wind and used it.

I pitched at about 70 degrees and stuck in my lager area at about 50 degrees. After a week of not checking on it I took a gravity reading and it was still at its original gravity. No fermentation had happened at all.

I transferred it off its yeast cake into a 5gal carboy and stuck it in my ale closet to warm up so I could pitch another yeast.

After one day at 70 (even after transferring it off its yeast cake) it went crazy! Lava lamp style active fermentation. Apparently this is a lager yeast that has to ferment at ale temps? After about 10 days the gravity was at its expected terminal gravity reading. I transferred it again and stuck it in the lager closet at 50. I will let you guys know how it turns out.

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