A Very Righteous Hack

A roadside traffic sign in Austin, Texas was hacked into so that it displayed a message warning passing motorists of zombies ahead. Police are investigating the incident, and if they are caught, the perpetrators could face misdemeanor road sign tampering charges.  The vandals broke a lock on the sign and then managed to gain access to the computer that controls its readout because it was using a default password.  They also changed the password, so city employees had to wait for the manufacturer to reset the password before the sign could be changed.  A city spokesperson acknowledged that while “the sign’s content was humorous, … the act of changing it wasn’t.”


I have an issue of 2600 magazine from about 5 years ago that contains that default password.  I had always thought it would be funny if did something like this.  They even changed the default password.  How perfect.

DISCLAIMER: I do no endorse the “hacking” of morons who don’t change default passwords.