Traveling is a Hoot

Today I left from Battle Creek, MI to Chicago, IL via the Amtrack train. This is my preferred method of travel when going to Chicago as plane trips costs literally 10x as much and are down right scary. If you have ever heard the term “puddle jumper” you will know exactly what I mean.

Leaving from East Lansing means leaving around 7 in the morning and loosing a whole day or work, so I either take the bus (super scary) or have someone drive me to battle creek.

Each time I leave from Battle Creek I have a unique and enlightening experience. Today was no different.

A young man got off the train muttering something in the standard ghetto slang about being kicked off for “cuss’en out the train people” and wanting to know where he was and how far from ‘Dee-troit” he was.

A couple minutes later police descend on him from both exits and take him away in cuffs.

I always have to wonder about people like that. Are they intentionally seeking attention or do they just not have that filter that the rest of us have? It just seems counter productive if you plan on getting to Detroit to spend the night in jail. All it would have taken is to keep his mouth shut and he would have been there in a matter of hours. Is this attention or lack of filter worth that? I would think not, but then again I guess these are the type of people that jails/prisons are made for.

Luck o’ the Irish

I have to present at a meeting today and spilled coffee on myself. Tied Stain Stick didn’t do the trick so I went to the rest room to get the stain out with water.

As I was wiping up the coffee I tore open a hang-nail and got blood all over myself.

I give up. I just give up.