OS X 10.5 Leopard File Share Issue

I just picked up a copy of Leopard and am LOVING it so far.  Spaces, stacks, cover flow and the new finder — alone — make it worth the upgrade.

Although I have found one minor issue.  When mounting a hidden share (active directory smb://servername/share$) it mounts it as you would expect… but then when you go browse back to in finder it will not display the share.

Now when mounting a share it will display the server name in the left area of finder, when clicking on that server it displays all shares that you have access to.  I am assuming because the share is hidden it is unable to enumerate it from the server, but it obviosly works because it opened it when I specificly told it where the share is located.

Hopefully they fix this in a update because I am not able to find anything on it on their support site.

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  1. Aight, go into finder, hit preferences and go to sidebar. In sidebar select “Connected Servers” and disable bonjour (for security and cleanliness reasons).

    No go into General and check “Connected servers”. This will show your mounted volumes/shares as it did in 10.4.

    Thanks to Billweiser for pointing that one out to me.

    Also, keeppassX is broke in leopard. The fix is here… http://lifehacker.com/software/how-to/make-keepassx-leopard-compatible-315931.php

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