What is the ‘soul’ of a computer?

At work I am mapping out our network.  Instead of visio I am using omni graffle and very happy with the asthetics and ease of use.

I am setting it up so that it is separated into both logical (firewall security zone) and physical (rack number with list of computers that are inside it).  I am running into problems doing it this way, as I have already found racks that have machines that exist it multiple security zones.

Another problem I encountered is the one that brought me to the title of tonights post: We have a number of virtual machines that don’t really (physically)  live anywhere.  The OS may consist of file systems mounted from multiple SANs in multiple racks and being run from a hypter-visor that exists in yet another rack. So, what rack does that vm belong in?

How have you guys dealt with this soft of thing?