Juniper NetScreen Policy Configuration Cheat Sheet

NetScreen Config Cheat Sheet (Thumb)I use a lot of NetScreens at work and found myself sprawling notes containing syntax of different commands for the ScreenOS CLI (Command Line Interface). Being the OCD type of person I am, I decided I needed something more zazzy… yes, more zaz. So here is the pdf and original graffle of my NetScreen policy config cheat sheet.

Coming soon: “Netscreen VPN Cheat Sheet” and “NetScreen Debug Cheat Sheet

NetScreen Config Cheat Sheet (PDF)
md5: f69855226d84eccdfc8bc4cb64d527ea

Change Log 

06-08-2007: v1.4
Updated the “set policy” line to include dst_zone.

2 Replies to “Juniper NetScreen Policy Configuration Cheat Sheet”

  1. Very zazzy! We do a lot of Cisco PIX around here, and I’m considering trying out the Juniper offering. Have you tried both? Do you prefer the ScreenOS? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

  2. I have tried both. I was a hard core cisco guy for a while just because of the market share and the fact that I was looking for a job. Now that I am in a Juniper shop I can enjoy all the things ScreenOS does. Its very nice and logical how they set it up and extremely easy to use. I prefer NetScreens, these days. 🙂

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