TippingPoint UnityOne Super User (root) Password Reset

Last night after doing about 20 google searches for every possible combination of words I was unable to locate the procedure on how to reset the root password on a tipping point IPS.

I was also unable to locate any sort of online manual.

I am making this post in hopes that google indexes it and it helps others that are attempting to do the same thing I was trying.

1. Attach a serial cable to the management port on the front of the unit. (set it to 153,000 bps)

2. Reboot the IPS. Obviously this will kill all traffic that would normally flow through the unit, so schedule it!

3. After it displays the “Tipping Point” ascii logo it will say “Loading”. Within 3 seconds of that type “mkey” and hit enter.

4. You will prompted for a default security level, username and new password.


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