MacBook Pro Networking Issue

Today while working feverishly I have had my MBP shutdown 3 times for no apparent reason. The power adapter is plugged in and I am using the wired ethernet.

The shutdowns occurred when I had wandered away from the machine for a few minutes and not actively using it. I have no sleep mode set to kick in when the power is plugged in and the last time it happened was during a 3 minute phone call (I checked my phone to be certain).

About an hour I lost network connectivity all together. I checked ipconfig and it was reporting I had a 169.* ethernet address. This is the default when it can’t contact a DHCP server. After renewing my DHCP lease a few times I gave up and rebooted. This did the trick.

On digging through the logs I see this…

kernel[0]: ar5212GetPendingInterrupts: fatal error, ISR_RAC=0x8402c ISR_S2_S=0x10000
kernel[0]: AppleYukon: error – Uncorrectable PCI Express error

Has anyone else experienced this?

I found a couple hits on google but nothing with a definitive resolution.

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  1. I believe the problem to be related to Parallels. I disabled both related network interfaces and haven’t had the crash yet.

    My only question is: I have had Parallels installed for months, why all of a sudden did these problems start?

    I guess I may never know the answer, but at least I’m not crashing or being dropped from the LAN. 🙂

  2. I’m having the same problem. I, too, suspect Parallels, but it is very difficult to be certain since I have gone for quite some time without an occurrence and then today it has happened twice.

    I have other suspects, as well. Let’s see if you have any of these in common. I’m running MS Office 2004 using Sync Services to synchronise Calendar/Tasks, and Address Book. I also have ClamXav installed with the Sentry running. Those seem like long shots — I cannot see how they would be causing this problem.

    Before today, I thought I had figured it out. I was running the StuffIt “” and it would cause the Finder to crash occasionally when control-clicking in the Finder. I thought I had found the network related problems you described happened immediately after the Finder crash. So, I removed that contextual menu item and the Finder crashes went away as did my network problems — until today. I guess it’s been a couple of months since I made that change.

    I’ve googled many times, but I’m not finding any answers. I hate to think it is Parallels, because I need to use that with networking enabled. I guess I can try VMWare’s product, but it does the same kind of thing with the network interfaces only it’s less configurable at present.

    Are you running Parallels? Have you tried irq13’s solution he mentions above? If so, did you remain free of this problem after that?

  3. It did, indeed, turn out to be Parallels.

    I now am stuck using MS’s vm because I had to downgrade laptops when I left my last job. 🙁

  4. I just had this same error (“AppleYukon: error – Uncorrectable PCI Express error”) and I don’t run Parallels. I should note, however, that I *do* run VMware Fusion beta 4. (It was not active at the time.)

    In my case, I just disconnected the Ethernet cable for a few seconds, and once I plugged it back in, everything was fine again. My 17″ MacBook Pro (identical to yours – a 2.16 Core Duo) was running at 166°F at the time, which is a little toasty. Not sure if that was a factor or not.

  5. I switched to VMware Fusion, but I’m still getting this same issue with frustrating frequency. Unplugging and re-plugging the network cable has not helped me in the past, but maybe I need to wait a bit longer before plugging it back in. I’ll give that a try.

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