MacBook Pro Networking Issue

Today while working feverishly I have had my MBP shutdown 3 times for no apparent reason. The power adapter is plugged in and I am using the wired ethernet.

The shutdowns occurred when I had wandered away from the machine for a few minutes and not actively using it. I have no sleep mode set to kick in when the power is plugged in and the last time it happened was during a 3 minute phone call (I checked my phone to be certain).

About an hour I lost network connectivity all together. I checked ipconfig and it was reporting I had a 169.* ethernet address. This is the default when it can’t contact a DHCP server. After renewing my DHCP lease a few times I gave up and rebooted. This did the trick.

On digging through the logs I see this…

kernel[0]: ar5212GetPendingInterrupts: fatal error, ISR_RAC=0x8402c ISR_S2_S=0x10000
kernel[0]: AppleYukon: error – Uncorrectable PCI Express error

Has anyone else experienced this?

I found a couple hits on google but nothing with a definitive resolution.


f00: Looking out our living room windowOh man, she did it again. Every time the Humane Society or Mid-Michigan Cat Rescue have kitties up for adoption at a pet supply store Missy ends up talking me into adopting one.

The last time this happened we got our fuzzy little assassin, Ninja. This time we got a beautiful orange (buff) tiger kitty. I named him f00.

He is adapting to his new environment fairly well. He has thoroughly investigated every room in the house and hasn’t hid yet. The others still hiss and growl whenever he is around but they will warm up to him eventually.