Life, love and pursuit of all things un-sucky

I realized I have let this site sit postless longer than I like, so I figured I would throw out some quick ‘life related’ information wile I am working on some future articles.

I received word that my tumor/cyst was NOT cancerous and my mouth is healing nicely. Thanks to everyone who wished me well.

After five years of being engaged, Missy (aka Gryphn) and I have finaly set a wedding date. We are hoping to have a very small shindig so don’t feel slighted if you are not invited. 🙂

In a future blog look for the following topics.

  • Windows Vista, a Security Analisys
  • Security Basic Training: Business Continuity
  • Security Basic Training: Windows Forensics and Incident Response
  • Top X OS X Penetration Testing (Hacking) Tools

Oh ya, and I am in the process of tweaking this new layout. How it looks as of this post is not how it will look when I am finished. Also look for updates to all of my static pages and all of the software I have written available for download.