Mid-Term Elections

Mid-Term election voting is today. If you do not plan on voting… shame on you. Everyone should vote.

I’m hopeful for this election. I believe that our government has been too one sided for longer than our country has been able to stand. Its hurt us a great deal as a nation. I’m not saying that putting democrats in the same position would end any better. Because of this, its my hope that some balance is restored. I want the disenfranchised ~50% to have a voice again and I want checks and balances restored. I also believe its important that the republicans ~50% have a voice.

Preliminary polling and talking with random people of different walks of life all tell me that the VAST majority of people either agree with me, or just want to see the republicans stripped of control. Despite this I am still very afraid. I’m afraid because during both presidential elections we heard rampant stories of vote fraud, disenfranchisement and voter intimidation. In today’s election we also throw in the threat of vote hacking. Black box, closed source voting machines with no paper trail. How serious of a threat is this, really? Please take the time to view this Princeton study regarding the inherent problems with the Diebold systems. I believe you will be as worried as I am.

You may also want to be totally aware of what to look for when voting (and the weeks after) that may indicate something is not right. BlackBoxVoting.org has an excellent article titled: What to expect — and look for — in the 2006 election