Things Apple needs to make…

1. Another PDA
They where far ahead of their time when they initially introduced the Apple Newton and for that reason I don’t think people where ready for the PDA yet. If they came out with a Newton2 I think it would sell like hot cakes

2. Multi Function Phone
I have heard rumors of an iPhone that will be a combination cell phone/iPod but they need to include blackberry or palm like functionality.

3. A tablet macbook pro.
I have a number friends who are die hard mac advocates that have recently purchased tablet PCs because they are just down right cool and useful. In fact Gryphn carries both her powerbook and her tablet pc with her. Once again, rumor has it that these will be released in about a year.

4. OS X for normal PCs
I know they wont do this anytime soon, so if they could just make a Darwin type OS that runs mac/intel bins… I think that would hold me over.

3 Replies to “Things Apple needs to make…”

  1. 5. A good pie. Apple needs to stop catering to all the beatnik hipsters and live up to their namesake. Everybody loves a good apple pie. Especially one that isn’t overpriced and only tastes good to certain people.


  2. I’m pushing for a POE (power over ethernet) version of the Mac Mini. And maybe a special “cluster” edition to go along with that – no dvd drive, etc.

  3. POE would very cool. And they make a cluster version of the XServe, which is still out of most peoples price range. So a cluster of minis would be very slick. Especialy if they made some sort of special rack shelf that would hold a ton of them and offered custom cable orginization and what not. Good calls! 🙂

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