X-mas in April!

Last week great geeks in Cupertino, CA shipped me two new shiny Macs. My new Quad G5 that replaced our fallen friend. (Dead but not forgotten, brotha.) And my new MacBook Pro. The G5 arrived first and held my attention intently for all of two days. It was by far the fastest mac I have ever had the pleasure of using. It was unfortunate that both the RAM and 2nd video card from dual G5 wouldn’t work in it. Someplace between the dual and the quad they upgraded all of the ports in it to pci express and made the jump to DDR2 RAM. WaHoo! I have another 2 gigs of RAM on order (bringing me to 4) and am down to two of my three monitors until I figure something out.

It has 1 pcix 16x port, 1 8x and 2 4x. I have never seen video cards in anything but 16x, so.. like… what gives?

My MacBook Pro arrived Wednesday. This machine has surprised the hell out of me. I believe it to be faster than my quad G5. This is by no means a benchmark comparison, but it simply ‘feels’ faster. Snappier for opening apps, even non universal binary apps like PhotoShop CS and DreamWeaver.

Another -BIG- reason why I upgraded from powerbook to the macbook pro was the ability to easily run other operating systems. The first thing I did when I received it was update tiger, upgrade my firmware and install boot camp/xp pro. This is a big deal to me. It allows me to run Novell ConsoleOne and Client as well as all of the good forensic and security software that only comes on windows.

I have also installed Fedora on a Parallels virtual machine. I am pretty impressed with parallels so far. It’s fast, far easier and more elegant than virtual pc and vmware and allows for nice full screen, full speed OS ‘switching’.

I have run into a few odd… I dunno… bugs? I’m still working on trouble shooting them down to their source, but as soon as I know what’s up I will post my findings.