G5 Saga: The Final Chapter

Wow has this been a trip. The helpful tech came out again and replaced my motherboard, CPU module and power supply. The machine was now booting into OS X and appeared to be happy. The fans where constantly on at full blast because we had not yet calibrated the CPU temperature as you do every time you swap out a CPU module in a G5.

Attempting to boot from the techs “Service Diagnostics CD” it failed to do anything. He tried an older version with the result. When we let it boot normally it would go into OS X and mount the disk. We could browse the files on the cd, just not boot from it. I stuck in a store bought Tiger DVD and it still refused to do anything attempting to boot from it.

I grabbed a spare DVD drive from one of my parts cabinets and the tech replaced the dvd drive only to find it produced the same results as the last drive.

He called AppleCare to see if they had heard of this behavior (I sure hadn’t) and knew how to fix it. After verifying that the tech was doing every thing right they decided that another (the fifth!) motherboard should be installed.

At this point I just didn’t want to deal with the downtime anymore. Combine that with the fact that each time it comes back to life it has a new and completely different problem… I had enough.

I called AppleCare and went over the history of the machine with them. At the end they decided to replace it with a new unit. Because it was top of the line (price wise) when I bought it, I get top of the line to replace it. So I will be sending in my dual 2ghz G5 and will be receiving a Quad 2.5ghz G5… I’m not complaining. 🙂

I have never seen a computer act as strange as this G5 has. The only constants throughout the whole process where the chassis and the RAM. Possibly bad RAM would cause strangeness such as this. A bad or strange grounding issue in the case? Who knows. Hopefully the Apple techs poke around at after I send it in to find out.