The tragic tail of my G5

I had previously bloged about the liquid cooling system leak in my dual powermac g5. Since the major hardware replacement (mother board, cpu module, hard drive, power supply and trim pieces) I had been having intermittent mouse problems. I know, it sounds weird.

After working for a random amount of time my mouse would ‘lock up’. The light on the bottom of the mouse goes out and no amount of swirling it or chucking it at the wall would make the cursor move.

After this I would use launch bar to open iterm and issue ‘sudo shutdown -r now’ to shut it down properly. It reboots to come back with still no mouse support. I reset it again and it works.

Some times it locks up multiple times per day, other times I will go two whole days without a reboot.

I have used three different mice, spread out over every usb port the som’a’bitch has. I have no other usb devices plugged in and have no after market ram.

Called AppleCare again and they sent out another mother board and repair technician.

Once the new mother board was installed the machine wouldn’t start.

They put a new mother board (the fourth) and power supply on order and the technician is scheduled to return tomorrow.

Wow has this machine been a nightmare! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame Apple. I have had a number of other Apple machines that proved to be absolute work horses and tough as nails… this one is just… different.

The good news of the whole thing, is that I got to take pictures of the G5’s liquid cooling system with its top down. No fancy logo’d shield covering it.


G5 cpu module, topless

In this image you can clearly see the Delphi logo. How strange to see that logo in a computer.

G5 topless: pump and hoses

The pump and some hoses.

G5 topless: hoses, hose clamps, radiator cap.
In this one you can see the radiator hoses, clamps and radiator cap.

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  1. In looking at the pictures I realized that the first one contains a label with my mac address on it. Why apple insists on that new label with each new mother board and subsequent mac address is beyond me.

    But clone that all you like, its the label for two mother boards ago. 😉

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