Is it safe to remove my usb flash drive?

I recently purchased a SanDisk Cruzer Titanium 1gig flash drive.

I loved that drive! Past tense. I loved the fact that it was an ‘all in one’ unit. No stupid cap. I loved the fact that it nicely retracted inside its impressive looking titanium casing. I loved the fact that (the marketing would have you believe) a truck can run over it and it will continue to function.

Its use was not bus intensive. I would keep common drivers, tools and install files on it. Things that I use constantly through out an average day at work. I wasn’t storing MP3 files or the like, that would cause the drive to constantly be written to and read from. It would normaly be plugged in, used for about 5 minutes, and ejected… properly. I ALWAYS eject or stop my flash drives before removing them.

Now, one week into its use it stopped working. All together. Not a normal “I can’t read the file system, do you want to format?”, but more along the lines of “I don’t recognize what this USB device is”.

Having purchased it from mwave and not newegg, I was unaware of the horrible horrible reviews this drive got. But apparently this is a common issue.

I RMA’ed the drive directly to SanDisk. They had me another drive in about a week so I started using it in the same manor I did the last one.

One (1) week of using this one it stopped working again with the same problem as the last one.

I got annoyed and purchase a new 4gig Corsair flash drive from newegg. I used it in the same way I used the last two deceased SanDisk drives, and now (after about 3 weeks of use) it says it can’t read the file system.

I think it may be that I am using the drive in about a half dozen machines a day (apple and pc), but my two techs think its because I acutely take the time to properly disable the device as opposed to just yanking it out and letting the operating system scold you.

Does anyone have any opinions or data that could explain what the real reason is?

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  1. I think the simple answer is… You have bad luck. I have a couple of thumb drives, nothing near those sizes (128-256) and I have even sent the 128 Sony one through the wash/dry twice now and it works perfect in Win32/Linux/Apple. Maybe it has to do something with the size? Have they not perfected the use of 1gig+ drives yet?

  2. I hope they’re not faulty. I just got a SanDisk Cruzer a few weeks ago, and I would be really unhappy if it just stopped working.

  3. Mike: I went back to check out the comments on the cruzer titanium 1gig but it appears they took it off the newegg site all together.

    Either because of being crappy or because of the new series that SanDisk just came out with.

    Shelby: It wouldn’t surprise me if I was cursed. For a few minutes today I suspected a particular Dell machine at work of screwing them up, but then I attempted to reproduce it with a 256meg drive and it was still alive… so I dunno.

  4. Mike-

    I have been told by Sandisk the 1GB/2GB Cruzer Titaniums have a flaw that renders them useless after inserting them into computers with a particular USB chipset. Apparently a lot of computes have this particular chipset, which will kill the Cruzer. Sandisk had to replace several of our units with Cruzer Mini flash drives, which apparently don’t have this defect. Also, the 512MB Titanium doesn’t have the problem either. Why they haven’t fixed this issue is beyond me.

  5. If thats the case I am ever so pissed at them. How would sending me a new unit to destroy help me in the least?

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