NoNav: Automated Norton and Symantec AntiVirus Removal Tool

It seems all too often that when uninstalling Symantec Antivirus you are stuck with a partially uninstalled product. In some cases bits linger in add/remove programs, in other cases MS Word stops working. Whenever it happens its a big pain to fix.

A colleague of mine has received this tool direct from the Symantec technicians. Here are some details of it from its PDF documentation.

Symantec Enterprise customers have expressed a need for a way to uninstall Norton AntiVirus Corporate Edition (NAVCE) or Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition (SAVCE) when normal uninstall procedures do not work.

Symantec Enterprise Support has created a standalone application / utility to fill this need. This utility will uninstall NAVCE or SAVCE Parent Servers and Clients through registry and file system deletions.

You may download this tool here:
md5 : afcb66d3db289a4c63434e829a9a1689

G5 Saga: The Final Chapter

Wow has this been a trip. The helpful tech came out again and replaced my motherboard, CPU module and power supply. The machine was now booting into OS X and appeared to be happy. The fans where constantly on at full blast because we had not yet calibrated the CPU temperature as you do every time you swap out a CPU module in a G5.

Attempting to boot from the techs “Service Diagnostics CD” it failed to do anything. He tried an older version with the result. When we let it boot normally it would go into OS X and mount the disk. We could browse the files on the cd, just not boot from it. I stuck in a store bought Tiger DVD and it still refused to do anything attempting to boot from it.

I grabbed a spare DVD drive from one of my parts cabinets and the tech replaced the dvd drive only to find it produced the same results as the last drive.

He called AppleCare to see if they had heard of this behavior (I sure hadn’t) and knew how to fix it. After verifying that the tech was doing every thing right they decided that another (the fifth!) motherboard should be installed.

At this point I just didn’t want to deal with the downtime anymore. Combine that with the fact that each time it comes back to life it has a new and completely different problem… I had enough.

I called AppleCare and went over the history of the machine with them. At the end they decided to replace it with a new unit. Because it was top of the line (price wise) when I bought it, I get top of the line to replace it. So I will be sending in my dual 2ghz G5 and will be receiving a Quad 2.5ghz G5… I’m not complaining. 🙂

I have never seen a computer act as strange as this G5 has. The only constants throughout the whole process where the chassis and the RAM. Possibly bad RAM would cause strangeness such as this. A bad or strange grounding issue in the case? Who knows. Hopefully the Apple techs poke around at after I send it in to find out.

The tragic tail of my G5

I had previously bloged about the liquid cooling system leak in my dual powermac g5. Since the major hardware replacement (mother board, cpu module, hard drive, power supply and trim pieces) I had been having intermittent mouse problems. I know, it sounds weird.

After working for a random amount of time my mouse would ‘lock up’. The light on the bottom of the mouse goes out and no amount of swirling it or chucking it at the wall would make the cursor move.

After this I would use launch bar to open iterm and issue ‘sudo shutdown -r now’ to shut it down properly. It reboots to come back with still no mouse support. I reset it again and it works.

Some times it locks up multiple times per day, other times I will go two whole days without a reboot.

I have used three different mice, spread out over every usb port the som’a’bitch has. I have no other usb devices plugged in and have no after market ram.

Called AppleCare again and they sent out another mother board and repair technician.

Once the new mother board was installed the machine wouldn’t start.

They put a new mother board (the fourth) and power supply on order and the technician is scheduled to return tomorrow.

Wow has this machine been a nightmare! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame Apple. I have had a number of other Apple machines that proved to be absolute work horses and tough as nails… this one is just… different.

The good news of the whole thing, is that I got to take pictures of the G5’s liquid cooling system with its top down. No fancy logo’d shield covering it.


G5 cpu module, topless

In this image you can clearly see the Delphi logo. How strange to see that logo in a computer.

G5 topless: pump and hoses

The pump and some hoses.

G5 topless: hoses, hose clamps, radiator cap.
In this one you can see the radiator hoses, clamps and radiator cap.

Is it safe to remove my usb flash drive?

I recently purchased a SanDisk Cruzer Titanium 1gig flash drive.

I loved that drive! Past tense. I loved the fact that it was an ‘all in one’ unit. No stupid cap. I loved the fact that it nicely retracted inside its impressive looking titanium casing. I loved the fact that (the marketing would have you believe) a truck can run over it and it will continue to function.

Its use was not bus intensive. I would keep common drivers, tools and install files on it. Things that I use constantly through out an average day at work. I wasn’t storing MP3 files or the like, that would cause the drive to constantly be written to and read from. It would normaly be plugged in, used for about 5 minutes, and ejected… properly. I ALWAYS eject or stop my flash drives before removing them.

Now, one week into its use it stopped working. All together. Not a normal “I can’t read the file system, do you want to format?”, but more along the lines of “I don’t recognize what this USB device is”.

Having purchased it from mwave and not newegg, I was unaware of the horrible horrible reviews this drive got. But apparently this is a common issue.

I RMA’ed the drive directly to SanDisk. They had me another drive in about a week so I started using it in the same manor I did the last one.

One (1) week of using this one it stopped working again with the same problem as the last one.

I got annoyed and purchase a new 4gig Corsair flash drive from newegg. I used it in the same way I used the last two deceased SanDisk drives, and now (after about 3 weeks of use) it says it can’t read the file system.

I think it may be that I am using the drive in about a half dozen machines a day (apple and pc), but my two techs think its because I acutely take the time to properly disable the device as opposed to just yanking it out and letting the operating system scold you.

Does anyone have any opinions or data that could explain what the real reason is?