G5 CPU Leak Update

AppleCare covered my CPU leakage issue and they sent someone out to replace all of the damaged parts. The liquid ended up corroding a few internal chassis parts so those where replaced as well. In all I ended up with a new CPU/Cooling module, motherboard, hard drive, power supply, PCI Divider and motherboard/power supply divider. At the end the only original parts where my exterior chassis, dvd writer and ram. It seems like it would have been easier to simply replace the whole thing, but.. whatever. 🙂

The CPU Module was an interesting thing. I had never seen anything like it in the PC world. Both CPUs and the liquid cooling system where all 1 unit. The cooling system consists of a radiator grill, a liquid pump and a number of pipes, rubber hoses and small radiator clamps as you would find in a car. In fact, the entire cooling system is a product of Delphi, so its EXACTLY as you would find in a car.

After installing new CPUs in a G5 you have to perform a temperature calibration processes that takes up-to 20 minutes per CPU, the ambient room temperature needs to be 68-72 degree wile performing this test. It is only available on a bootable apple technician issued diagnostic cd.

The entire process was interesting to say the least. I am happy to have it back up and running and am also happy with level of support Apple was able to provide.

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  1. Was the liquid cooling system that failed a 1 pump Delphi system? I couldn’t tell if the system you described was the failed system, the replacement system or both.

  2. It was both. It was a delphi 1 pump system and I have since had 3 of them in this G5. I’ll have to post the latest update on the saga. It gets better. 🙂

  3. Delphi, is exactly what you’d find on a car, they make automotive heat exchangers, radiators, A/C evaperators, heater matrix and may well make air/air & air/liquid intercoolers as well.

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