Late winter in Michigan

It’s such an amazing time of year in this state. We have so many great things to look forward to.

The sky and the roads are the same washed out white color. The sky; because it would be criminal to see the sun. The roads; because they (as is the case with everything else this time of year) are absolutely caked with salt.

The snow that has gathered on the side of the road takes the most attractive black dirt color.

Some of the snow has melted to reveal all of the garbage that the lazy Michiganders toss out the window. Garbage that has been hidden under snow for most of the winter.

Between the constant freezing and thawing, and the ungodly amount of weight that Michigan law allows for trucks, the roads are at the peak of their disrepair. Anyone who lives in Michigan or has visited knows how poor our roads are.

Ya, its just downright lovely.