If I am wound any tighter… I may snap.

My god have I been stressed out at work lately. At any given time in the last few weeks some facet of my job has been on my mind. But it is all starting to pay off.

I have finished the cluster. The Novell implementation is going nicely. A firewall/IDS box will be completed soon.  Primary web site revamp underway.
Each one of those will be blog posts in and of themselves.

The cluster is an awesome thing. I have never had my hands on so much computing power before. It consists of 5 nodes, each node is a dual opteron dual core machine with at least 2 gigs of ram each. So that is a total of 20 CPUs of pure beefy opteron power. One of the nodes (the type2 node) contains 8 gigs of ram with another 8 being delivered any day now.

In a (near) future blog entry I will go over my install experience, pitfalls I encountered and how I over came them and a step-by-step tutorial with pics.

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  1. value pack 1 + Suse open enterprise server. So eDirector, Groupwise, Netmail, ZenWorks desktop and server and nSure identity management.

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