New Virus?

I just received an email that looks fairly legit at first glance. It states
that a rape occurred on campus (being that I work at a university this makes sense) and that attached you will find an image of
the suspect as captured from campus CCTV. The attached file (suspect
image.exe) very well may be a virus (im sure as heck not going to run it to
find out). My university ‘s clamav did not pick it up nor did NAV10 with dats
dated yesterday.

I am not able to pull much useful information from the exe via the unix
strings command or ida pro. If anyone has any more experience then I do
with virus disassembly I would be happy to forward the idapro file.

What I am able to pull from ida ‘s hex view is some registry writing, file
deletion, file creation and process manipulation, but no details.

The contents of the email are attached bellow, you may want to warn your
users on this (although I ‘m not sure how prevalent it is yet).


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From: “Mr Robert Atkins”
Subject: Rape on Campus
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2006 17:00:03 -0800
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X-Virus: None found by Clam AV


During the early morning of January 25 2006, a campus student was the victim
of a horrific sexual assault within college grounds. Eyewitnesses report a
tall black man in grey pants running away from the scene. Campus CCTV has
caught this man on camera and are looking for ways to identify him. If
anyone recognises the attached picture could they inform administraion


Robert Atkins
Campus Administration

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