What kind of security related blog would I run without making mention of the Sony DRM fiasco?

I do not think they could have screwed up more if they tried.
1. Hired incompetent coders to write drm software
2. Allow coders to steel code from open source projects without code over sight (and oh the hypocrisy)
3. Stick it on tons of CDs and allow it to use root-kit like cloaking to hide it.
4. When people find out make them jump through hoops and install an active-x component in order to get it uninstalled. Dont forget that the uninstall itself produces instability.
4. Post this and make it sound like you are blaming the authors.
5. Say lines like “Ultimately, the experience of consumers is our primary concern…” when the fact this whole mess exists to begin with is proof of the contrary.

All and all I think this was one of the best things that could happen. I don ‘t think the general consumer was angry enough about DRM to make any real changes. This certainly tipped those scales and I thank Sony for that. I believe the freedom that they and RIAA and MPAA enjoy will be greatly reduced or at least closely watched now.

Even if our corporations and government that is responsible for overseeing them is corrupt doesn’t mean we can ‘t still be heard.