Laying blame

This is taken from an interview with Marcus Ranum (creator of the proxy firewall).

“Truly, the only people who deserve a complete helping of blame are the hackers. Let ‘s not forget that they ‘re the ones doing this to us. They ‘re the ones who are annoying an entire planet. They ‘re the ones who are costing us billions of dollars a year to secure our systems against them. They ‘re the ones who place their desire for fun ahead of everyone on earth ‘s desire for peace and the right to privacy.”

My opinion on this is that when the computer was born so was the hacker. We weren ‘t as prevalent in the bbs days (hence the lack of press on the subject compared to now) but they still existed. We will always have people who want to exploit systems and programs or any barrier in general.

This quote (in my opinion) is like saying “I blame the rain for making my car wet”.

Other than that I think the article is excellent and the author made some great points. One of my favorites was this…

“I don ‘t think that the standards committees underestimate security threats; I just think they ‘re too busy doing things that are more important to them — like holding meetings and writing minutes, or whatever it is that they do all the time.”

I ‘m at a loss as to how the…

Equifax Canada has notified 600 Canadian citizens that their credit
files were illegally accessed. Most of those affected reside in British
Columbia. The breach was reportedly due to “improper use of the access
codes and passwords of one of Equifax ‘s customers.”

Now… Lets re-read that last line.

The breach was reportedly due to “improper use of the access
codes and passwords of ONE (1) of Equifax ‘s customers.”

Now what the hell?! The explanation given accounts for ONE (1) credit card number being comprimised, whats the story on the other 599?!