All night greasy toxic fun

Last night I spent just about all night replacing my Honda Civics lower radiator hose and thermistat. I would imagine that anyone who works on cars regularly could have done it in about 30 minutes but it took me and Gryphn all night.

The car no longer over heats on the high way and the engine stays cooler then ever. I ‘m fairly impressed and happy.

I plan on making this car a new hobby. I already starting throwing awesome stereo equipment in it and will continue with body mods, interior mods, engine enhancements and a car computer. I will have photos once I have something to show. 🙂

Microsoft Security Guru speaks, and its wrong

I just read this article on entitled “Microsoft security guru: Jot down your passwords

Lets quickly skip by the fact that this guy already has 0 credibility with me as he is a ‘security guru ‘ that works at microsoft. If that where the case and he had any sort of authrity in the company (as any software vendors security department should) he would have instated rigerouse security audits and regression testing on MS products by now.

He says that its okay to let people write down passwords otherwise it will encourage them to use the same weak password on every system. This has a little bit of logic is over all flawed and false. They will still use the same crappy password, it will just have an extra number in it some place. And they will still use it on all systems only now its written down, most likely on a post-it note under their keyboard.

All these different security profesionals all have different opinions on best practices and thats fine… but when they spurt it off at conferences and in writing it confuses end users. The IT people are (generaly) smart enough to decide on their own… but the end users use this crap to throw in the faces of it people who then have to explain why this guy is wrong.

I think it should all come down to the org ‘s security policy and it should be fluid.

System Of a Down – Mezmerize

Oh my god… this is one of the most amazing metal cds to be released in a loong time. And (in my opinion) the best SOAD ever.

Pick it up when it comes out or you will be sorry!

They just keep moving forward musicly. Experimenting with new different things. I read an interview with the guitarist in which he said that was trying all kinds of guitar ‘hacks ‘ for this CD. One of which was covering an entire rooms walls and ceiling with acoustic guitars and playing an electric to get the weird string vibration. Crazy.

mac ftp clients?!

I am trying very hard to find an ftp client for the mac that doesnt suck. So far they either try to get bits of batched files all at once and then dont complete any of them, or they dont have batching capability at all.

I have tried fetch, transmit, captain ftp and cute ftp and they all seem to suck for one reason or another.

I want something with 3 window panes… one for the remote site, one for the local hard drive and one that is a batch that you drag stuff into. Something ala flashfxp or bulletin proof ftp. WHy is this so hard on a mac?!

Doe anyone know of one that I am overlooking?