anger is a gift

My bud phil over at just posted a song he recorded of himself playing guitar through garage band. It was some amazingly beautiful bluesy pink floydish stuff and it inspired to pick up my guitar for the first time in well over a year.

What came out was nothing like what phil had recorded. Instead of expressing myself through the guitar in amazing blues it was angry molten metallic anger… and I ‘m all right with that.

I believe that through my whole life my only anger outlets are guitar and martial arts. I love to play the most angry evil metal I can and I love the kick the ever loving hell out of people sparring. Nothing soothes me more… and again… Im all right with that.

Exchange Server compatible linux daemon?

I have inherited an Active Directory Domain and Exchange Server when I started this job. I want to be rid of both of them and use only linux stuff. I ‘m pretty sure I can just remove the AD server and replace it with smb/radius or smb/kerberos but I want to be able to keep some sort of exchange server compatible mail daemon. They have a bunch of projects that require calandar sharing. Does anyone know of such a beast? And if I remove the AD server and replace it with smb will it kill the exchange server? My guess is yes.

Its alive!

Hey monkeys! I ‘m still alive!

Wow has a lot happened since I last posted. For starters I have my back end software working agian so expect daily posts to this blog! Besides that I got a new job at MSU. I am in charge of the IT for an entire building. 4 floors counting the basement and I am the only IT person on the staff. Its a little overwelming to say the least but the work is fun and the people are great. I will have pics of my new office to post in the image gallery soon.