Xmas, New Years and the sickness

I had a good xmas!  It involved a lot of traveling around to relatives houses, but it wasnt half bad.  Tonight I going to Gryphn 's parents house for a Bowl party.

Gryphn graduated from Nebraska and her Dad got his masters from MSU so it should be interesting to see the two battle it out in the Alamo Bowl.  Even though I worked at MSU I 'm going to remain nuteraul.

I decided to get off my rump and start studying for security certifications.  I may start easy and go hard or the other way around.  I 'm not sure but I 'm sure I will share my expereince with everyone.

I 'm getting sick.  Stuffy and runny nose.  Cough, watery eyes and some times I feel all dizzy.  It sucks, but its not too bad yet.  Im going to keep my self dosed on cold medicine and vitimins and hope for the best.