Wombat Flavored Lemonaid

I think I ‘m leaning twords FreeBSD as my new distro of choice. I know, its not Linux, but its stable, supported, secure, easy to use and install and fun. I got ColdFusion5 to work on it the other day by tweaking the hell out of the /opt/coldfusion/bin/start script. I have some semaphore issues in the registry to fix now. Not sure whats up with that. I still plan on installing a Debian box and seeing if that goes any better. I havent realy used Debian all that much because the install turned me off big time. The software package selection part takes too freaken long.

This weekend (I refer to the rest of today as ‘this weekend ‘) I will be working on making the PHP class file for our product at work. Its almost done only I have a few problems to work out trying to get vars from a function. Weird stuff.
I realized the other day that all I have been talking about in my blog in techie stuff so I ‘m going to try and start talking more about other stuff.

I plan on getting a new cell phone tomorrow (or today). WaHoo! Pics will follow.

Speaking of pics.. I should update my home cam. I havnt touched it since before Halloween.