Mtv Lies!

Tivo just told me that Mtv was playing music videos right now! holy shit! Music videos on Mtv?!

All excited I switch to it to see that they are on comercials. Thats fine, I can wait them out. Besides, it will be interesting to see what kind of videos Mtv deems air worthly these days.

Nine (9) minutes of comercials later they play a 4 minute Mtv News.

God, its been 13 minutes and I still havnt seen a video. People put up with this?

Still intersted in these videos that they promised I wait some more. After the news they play more comercials. After 7 minutes more of comercials I get pissed off and come to blog to rant about it. How do they get away with 20 minutes of comercials?! People still watch this crap?!