Fun with distros

Tonight I have been playing with my guiney pig openbsd server and setting up a standard build for my 'fleet '.  In doing this I have landed on a number of strange sites wile clicking off topic.

SELinux; The nsa aparently has developed a secure distro of linux.  In theory it sounds nice but I do I trust to not be back doored?  If I even have to ask it aint worth it. 🙂

Trustix; I gave these guys an awful review about a month back when I was going to write my “OpenBSD vs. Trustix” article.  Shortly after that they got bought out and became TSR Linux.  Now that group filed for bankrupcy protection and was purchased by Comodo… the same doods I have my ssl certificates through. 🙂  It looks like they some sort of backing from IBM and have a promising looking distro now. 

I think I 'm too into OpenBSD to turn back now.  On that note I just got “Absolute OpenBSD” from amazon today.  Good fooken book!  I highly recomend it.  Lots of info on PF, how it all works and why it works that way.