This is an excerpt of an IM conversation.
[15:46] irq13: THis months cryptogram is sooo good.
[15:47] irq13: they talk about e-voteing.
[15:47] irq13: Schneier has a belief that he talks about in practical crypto about what you are trying to break into being worth more $ then the act of breaking in.
[15:49] irq13: He quantified the spending of candidates on a per vote basis and it turns out that 1 vote (based on what pres candidates in 2002 spent) is worth $200 – $500
[15:49] irq13: It would take 0.5% of a swing vote to get the other candidate elected, effectively being worth upwards of $100m
[15:49] irq13: So they have to have security that would deter someone who has about $100m to spend breaking it.
[15:50] irq13: That ain’t gonna happen…. especially with a default windows install.