Comcast hell

I spent literaly all day yesterday at my parents house setting up a Comcast cable modem and getting a router all good to go so they can use it in any room of the house.

The house was purchased from myself so it was fully wired for a cat5 network. They have 2 laptops and two desktops that I was configuring for it. NOTHING went right. Network adapter drivers didnt install, the cable modem account wasnt set up properly by comcast and so on and so forth. I will heading back over to finish it up today.

It should be cool as hell to see my mom, sister and grandma using the net and email regularly though.

“In a moment it will be time to execute rock concert movement number 2, the up and down jumping movement. Ready… go..”

Heh, anyway. With the huge stress of running my own business and looking for gainfull employ I have begun the disgusting habit of smokeing (again). It sickens me to see the prices of a pack of cigerettes (almost $5 per pack) with all the new sin taxes they have stacked onto it; so I began rolling own. The cost turns out to be about $1 per pack this way. It still doesnt justify me smokeing… but hay.. whatever.

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