AOL is a great big suck!

A little background. I signed up for a free AOL dial-up trial membership, just under a year ago.

I canceled two weeks into the membership. The billing person on the phone asked why I was canceling (I hate when companies do that. I hate it even more when they try to talk you into staying with them.). I informed her that we just had our Cable Modem set up. She asked if I would like to try AOL for broadband. I said no.

Since that conversation AOL has been charging $50 per month onto our phone bill. We called and canceled 3 (three) times and assumed we were no longer being billed.

We canceled our phone and are using our cell phones for our primary lines now so AOL can.t keep taking there money (I assumed they finally canceled it) so they send a nasty letter from there billing department.

Upon receiving this letter I called the customer service number on the notice. 10888-723-8133. I spoke with Shawn who said I would need to talk to billing at 1-888-265-8008 and that he would transfer me to that number. I got Adam in billing. After explaining the situation this is what transpires.

Adam: So what your AOL Broadband screen name.
Irq13: I never set one up. I never logged on it. Please have a look at the usage stats to verify this.
Adam: Okay, let me talk to my supervisor.
5 minute hold
Adam: We can get your account canceled but we first need you to make that $50 payment or else we will send you to collections.
Irq13: I.m sorry?! Not only will I not make the $50 payment but I would like a refund for previous billings.
Adam: We won.t refund your money and you have to pay the $50 or we will send you to collections.
Irq13: So what your telling me is I have been charged for a service that I did not want, did not ask for or sign up for and have been billed for without ever using, and you wont offer me a refund, in fact you want to send me to collections?! Let me speak with your supervisor
Adam: He doesn.t get paid to do my job
Irq13: So I can.t speak with your supervisor?
Adam: No.

At this point I hung up. Oh so pissed.

After a couple of deep breaths I regained my composure and realized that he said I needed to pay the money before they would CANCEL my account. So they will continue to bill me. That conversation meant nothing.

So I call back the billing number that Shawn had given me in our first conversation.

Irq13: May I speak with Adam please?
Andrea: I have no idea who Adam is or if he even works in this country.
Irq13: It was a long shot. I figured being that both of you work in billing that there may be some chance.
Andrea: This isn.t billing. They are at 1-888-265-8003.
Irq13: Thank you, I will call that number.

I hang up and hear I am more pissed then after the call with Adam.

I.m going to lay off calling them back till I have cooled down enough.

What recourse do I have in this situation?