a weekend o ‘ phun(k)

My buddy swung by and will be crashing at my place for a few nights. We started work on a kick ass topsecret project. More info will be available on that in a few months when its finished… No, its not a soap box racer! 🙂

I ‘m getting out of work early today to go to Nic ‘s place with a gagle of other friends including Star.

For the first time since I started this new job I ‘m honestly glad to be getting away from it. Have I mentioned lately that I hate asp? 🙂

The book I have on it (that I am using as a constant reference) has small photos of the developers that contributed to it on the cover. I have now associated my hatred for asp with them. I especially hate one of them in particular. Because no names are given in the book to associate with the photos I have named him “Steve Dave” and he pisses me off to no end