Breaking the Silence

Wow has it been a long time!  I was maintaining radio silence during my security clearance background investigation.  Now that its all over expect me to post more (honest).

For those of you not close to me, I was hired by the DoD (Department of Defense).  What does this mean?  Well you will never again hear the words “today at work…” uttered again.  That does not mean I will lacking topics to post about.

My security research at home is picking up again.  Expect posts on the topics of forensics, anti-forensics, malware and possibly a new pentest tool or two.

It’s nice to be back and for those of you reading this, thank you for sticking it out and visiting again.

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  1. Billweiser /

    I would like to see more in the home brew section myself for inspiring ideas.

  2. Shelby /

    Awesome man. I always figured with all your security write ups you would land something awesome like that. Congrats!

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